av Shirin Elsworth Magnusson


We are happy to introduce a new and exciting era for Östersjösten - the launch of our exclusive natural stone patterns. Now you can easily transform your home with our patterns, crafted by our interior designer, Rebecka Haymoz.

Our interior designer, Rebecka Haymoz, has drawn inspiration from some of Europe's most magnificent castles and extravagant buildings. Focusing on natural materials such as limestone and marble, we have created patterns that are not only beautiful to behold but also timeless in their elegance.

At Östersjösten, we always strive to renew and enhance your home environment. With our new natural stone patterns, we hope to offer you the opportunity to create vibrant and beautiful spaces.

With our collection of natural stone patterns, we aim to provide you with the opportunity to create unique and personal spaces in your home. Our patterns are designed to bring life and character to every room. We believe that the beauty of nature can boost our living environments, and we are pleased to offer you this opportunity.